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Long Island City


Long Island City At a Glance

Fantastic views of Manhattan, short commute, multiple subway lines, ultra-luxury rental and condo buildings, world-class restaurants, waterfront parks, thriving arts and culture scene, serenity, urban living. Long Island City is the country’s fastest-growing neighborhoods and everyone is talking about it. Known for its industrial feel up until 2010, the neighborhood has completely transformed since, becoming one of the most elite and luxurious neighborhoods in New York, yet it still remains affordable. This is New York’s best-kept secret!



Accessibility and Transportation

Long Island City is a transportation hub served by 8 subway lines (E, G, M, N, R, W, 7, F); 13 bus lines, Long Island Rail Road; East River Ferry and a lot of Citi bike stations (extremely popular within the LIC community). Two bridges (Ed Koch and Pulaski), a tunnel and two airports.


Five Subway Stations:                                                                                        

Queens Plaza (E, M, R)                                                       

Queensborough Plaza Station (7, N, W)                                   

Court Square Station (7, G)                                                 

Vernon Blvd - Jackson Avenue Station (7)                           

21st Street Queensbridge (F)                                            


Distance to Major Destinations                                   

4 minutes to 59/Lexington Stop in Manhattan

11 minutes to Grand Central       

20 minutes to Union Square

16 minutes to Times Square                                             

28 minutes to LaGuardia Airport

45 minutes to JFK Airport




Food and Drink

Whether you live in Long Island City and are looking for a new favorite weekend spot, work here, or are just visiting, the neighborhood has a lot to offer. Trendy cafes, breweries, upscale restaurants, local bars, cocktail destinations, and vintage-style saloons are all at your disposal. LIC is known for some of the best Mexican, Ramen, Burgers, BBQ but you can find these anywhere in New York. There are a bunch of unique local spots worth checking out and they are listed below. They are HYPERLINKED and lead to their respective websites.


FOOD                                                                 FOOD

-Blend on the Water                                 -Casa Enrique

-Levante                                                   -Beebee's

-Indie L.I.C                                                -Court Square Diner

-Bareburger                                              -Il Falco

-Tournesol                                                -Café Henri

-Takumen                                                 -Burger Garage

-Hibino L.I.C.                                             -Brooks 1890

-Maiella                                                     -Chipotle

-Crescent Grill                                           -Bella Via       

-Mu Ramen                                               -Slice

-The Baroness                                          -Manducatis Rustica

-Pantry Market Eatery                               -Manettas

-Doughnut Plant                                       -Beija Flor  

-Corner Bistro                                           -SHI

-LIC Market                                              -Adda

-John Brown Steakhouse                         -M. Wells Steakhouse

-Jackson's Eatery                                     -Bellwether

-Woodbines                                              -Jora




DRINK                                                 BREWERIES                   

-Gantry Bar LIC                                      -Big aLICe Brewing

-Anable Basin                                         -Rockaway Brewing                  

-Dutch Kills                                             -Transmitter Brewing

-BLVD Wine Bar                                     -LIC Beer Project

-Alewife                                                   -Fifth Hammer

-Penthouse808 Rooftop                          -Alewife

-LIC Bar                                                   -ICONYC

-The Cliffs at LIC                          CAFE   

-The Beast Next Door                     -Etto Espresso Bar

-Domaine Bar                             -Sweetleaf Coffee

-Creek and Cave                                     -Communitea

-Dominie's Hoek                                      -Toby's Estate

-Vista Skylounge                                     -51 St. Cafe

-Dutch Kills Centraal                               -Starbucks

-The Gutter                                              -Caffeina Espresso

-WXYZ Bar                                              -The Mill Coffee

-PJ Leahy's                                              -Birch Coffee

-Oro                                                         -COFFEED

-First Stop Bar&Grill                                -LIC Corner Cafe

-Madera                                                   -Clever Blend LIC

-Skinny Cantina                                       -Partners Coffee


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